The Beginning of Glory

“And so the beginning of glory here; for all is not kept for the life to come. For God distils some drops of glory beforehand. We see the beauty of God here, marvelously even in this world, in regard of the beginning of glory. For upon justification, and the beginning of holiness wrought in our nature by the Spirit, we have inward peace of conscience, and joy and comfort in all discomforts whatsoever! We have not only the oil of grace, but the oil of comfort. Oh! the comfort of the children of God, that are members of the church, that are so in the church, that they are of the church too, that are of the church visible, so as they are of the church invisible. Oh! the comfort that belongs to them, all the comfort in God’s book. So you see the wondrous sweet prerogatives and privleges we have in all the passages of salvation in the house of God, and in God reconciled in Jesus Christ.” – Richard Sibbes, “A Breathing After God” in Works, Vol 2, page 235.


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