Looking backwards to see forwards

Photo from Silber Sam.

I turned my life over to Christ at the age of 27. Sometime in the late fall/early winter of 2006 I turned my life over to Christ as Lord and Savior. As my friend and the man who witnessed to me, Chuck, can tell you; I had an immediate desire for the Word of God. I went from self-righteous atheist, to new-born Christian. I thought I knew all I needed to know, only to realize what I knew was nothing more than convenient facts I used to justify my life. The playing field was set level before me. Christ is all, and pursuit of His truth has consumed me since that day.

I like back on my life and I can see the changes God is working. A burning call inside of me, a desire to know Him more, and the drive to make Him known. This desire does not equal right thinking, or mature thinking. In the last 6.5 years I have grown much in Christ. Yet as I begin to study formally at Boyce College towards a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, I am aware of how much I don’t know. I knew this on many levels, and yet exposure to new information is a great illustrator of just how much I don’t know.

Looking backwards at this blog, I can see how my thinking has developed in just a short time. I don’t have many posts, but I can see in my thinking how I have grown. Looking backwards over my life, I can see how far I have come. I have gone from death in my sins to life in Jesus Christ. I can see the advancement of my thinking as I have grown in the grace of God.

However, lest I get conceited in these things all I need to do is look forwards.

There is so much I want to learn that I don’t have time to learn it all. The more I learn about what God has done for me, the more it destroys my pride. The more I learn of the surpassing riches of the glory of God, the less I care for the things of this world. Money. Approval. Things. God is the goal. What He has already done for me in Christ, is far superior to what can happen to me in this life. I do not follow God to be blessed with success, or peace, or material blessing. Those things are not the goal. They never were, and any preacher selling that as the goal is selling a false gospel. They’re selling the blessing, and not the one who blesses.

No, nothing less than God Himself is the goal. Christ Jesus lived, and died, and rose again to give us sinners a means to be reconciled to God. Christ is the rich blessing we receive. Reconciliation to God is more than we could ever ask or think. I hope I keep this central truth foremost in my mind. Is it foremost in yours, or are you still looking for the things God can give, and not God Himself?


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