A decade in a minute..

10 years.

10 years is a long time. A decade! A tenth of a century. As a thirty two year old I don’t think much in terms of decades. Though, the longer I live the more I start to think in longer periods of time.

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of my marriage to my wife. As a young man I never considered marriage. I didn’t have anything against marriage, it was simply not on my mind. A lot of things weren’t on my mind actually. In my late teens and early twenties I didn’t have much focus. I lived from minute to minute without any real plan for the future. One thing I did that has been the best decision of my adult life, aside from Jesus Christ, was marry my wife.

I have spent a third of my life with her. I will spend the rest of my life with her. We will be married until death parts us, for a time. I don’t deserve her. She is far too good for me, far more than I deserve. I love her more today than the day I married her.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses to get here. Marriage is hard work. There were valleys in between those mountain tops. Oh, but the mountain tops! We are committed to each other and to making this work. We love each other deeply because we put the work in. Now it isn’t all work, loving her is as easy as breathing air. It comes natural to me. She is my best friend and the love of my life. There is no one else like her, and she is mine! I wouldn’t have it any other way.


One thought on “A decade in a minute..

  1. this is so very cool! love is a choice. ozzie calls this continuous conversion….. choosing love every day. i want to be like you when i grow up

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