Knowing AND Doing

“Believing is not just a matter of knowing. Believing is also a matter of doing. Believing is trusting that Jesus’ way of living is the right way, and trusting it enough that one is willing to live that way – and die that way.” -Darrel Gruder


2 thoughts on “Knowing AND Doing

    • By listening to what God has told us to do. Take care of the spiritually and physically poor, the orphan, widows, the elderly. Just start helping people who need help. It’s open ended because that’s what we’re called to do. I get frustrated that no one in particular comes to mind, but I’ve ignored the need around me for so long I hardly see it. What I am going to do is spend a lot of time in prayer, asking God to give us opportunity, and if opportunity is there, to open my eyes. I trust that He will.

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